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BinghamPhotography News

Here you will find the latest news from BinghamPhotography. Whether it's about an upcoming shoot, casting for a stock shoot, a recent shoot, or changes to our site or services, you'll find it here.  If you have some news you think will be of interest to BinghamPhotography clients, associates and friends, send it to us, and we'll add it.  If you are with one of the charities we support and have news, send us that too.

If you'd like to be kept up to date on what's happening with BinghamPhotography News, in addition to following us on our facebook pages, if you use an RSS reader (many email programs support RSS now), scroll down to the bottom of this page (or most any page on our site), and you'll find a link you can use to subscribe with your RSS reader.

Stock shoots starting up again in 2012

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Medical staff going over patient chart Hello folks, some of you may have noticed I haven't been doing stock shoots as much as I used to. The stock photography business has really declined recently, both in the number of sales and the amount.  It's not just me - I've noticed a lot of stock photographers, even the big names in the game, have been hit and had to switch gears.
I've always enjoyed shooting stock and have been missing doing them, so I'm in the process of re-evaluating how I handle things. Starting in 2012, I should start shooting stock again, but with some slight changes. I think for most talent, they will actually benefit even more than in the past.  Even though some of the shoots will be your typical simple stock shoots, I'm hoping to do more that lean towards fun :) And as always, these shoots should provide talent with some nice images for their portfolios.
Keep an eye out for more information in January.


Posting my pictures on-line

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Super Hero TryphenaI occasionally get asked if it's Ok to post my pictures on the web, mostly for social site, such as Facebook, especially for TFP shoots. It's impossible to give a single answer for all sites, but I'll try to answer the question in general and for your own website and Facebook.  The short answer for Facebook is, yes, it's fine to post pictures of yourself that I have taken on Facebook, however, if the image has my copyright on it,  please leave it.  It would also be nice if you tagged the image back to my BinghamPhotography Facebook page or to myself.  It's also fine to use the images on your own website and for the models and actors I shoot with, in your online portfolios.

Recently there are times I put my images on my own site, then link to it from various sites rather than post the pictures themselves. It's not because I feel there's a problem posting on these sites, rather it's mostly a time saver, since it's quicker than posting pictures on each.  When I do post a picture on a site such as Facebook, I'll sometimes, though not always tag people in it. If I tag you, and you'd rather I didn't, just remove the tag and let me know, and I won't tag you in the future.  If I don't tag you, you are always welcome to tag yourself :)

So what about all the other sites out there? Well it depends on the sites terms of service (or whatever each site calls it) that you agree to when you sign up. It's normal for a site to require you to provide permission for them to show the pictures to others, that's the whole point right? For example, Facebook's terms of service when it comes to pictures is reasonable. Not only that, whatever rights you gave them are taken back once you remove the picture from the site. However, many sites (especially sites running contests) require you to grant way more permission than they actually need. In fact, many require that they be given permission to redistribute the images to any third party they want, and that they can use the images for commercial purposes, including modifying them for their own use, and selling them. This is a bit too much and many of the contests on the web are there mostly to collect images and permission to use them.  If you are unsure about a site, send me a link and I'll try to take a look at their agreement. If it's a online contest of some type, I can pretty much assure you they are wanting way too many rights to the image, but send me the link anyways and I'll take a look.

I hope this answers the question for most of you. If any one has any other questions about posting pictures on the web, whether they are mine or not, just ask.



Homemade Rain

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Rachel and the rain machineHello folks, as we all know Texas hasn't seen much rain lately, so I decided to make some of my own :)  Before I get into that, I'd like to thank everyone that came out to this shoot. The models, Lindsey, Sydney, Shania, Rachel, Annie & Tony, did a great job, and as always, where a lot of fun to work with. Thanks to everyone's 'support teams' (mom's and dad), and especially thanks to Linda for getting the location, and of course thanks to Betty Sue, our host for the shoot.
Thanks also to Cynthia of Bella Luna Images for coming out and shooting, and also for helping me setup the rain machine :)

As usual this summer, it was hot, with little or no wind, but we found a little shade to setup the rain machines. I built two of them and wasn't sure which one would work best, but it ended up depended on the type of shot. One created a single line of drops about 4 feet or so long, the other created about 4 rows of drops about three feet long.  I initially turned it on and adjusted it to look right to the eye, but when I started shooting, the camera didn't 'see' that many drops, as you can see in some of the pictures, so  I had to really crank it up for the camera to see it as 'rain'.

I learned a lot from this shoot, and plan to do a few more with the rain machines. One of the things I learned was if the model looked dry and visually there didn't seem to be a reason for it, the images didn't really look right. For example, in the images below, if the model is dry and standing/posing behind the water, it's an ok images, but doesn't 'feel' right. However, if the model does anything to interact with the water, such as Rachel's shots when leaning forward and putting her hand in to the water, even though she's dry, the images work much better. Even better is then the model is wet, such as Annie's pictures in the rain coat. I'm not sure when, but I'll be planning a couple more shoots before summers over that should take better advantage of the rain machines.

I realized that I had spent too much time 'playing' with my rain machines, basically shooting in the same spot the whole time,  and never really took advantage of the beautiful backyard we were in. Thankfully, Cynthia got some great shots of the models around the yard and by the pool :)

Here's a few of my favorites, including a few 'dry' pictures :)  For everyone at the shoot, there is a private gallery with more images. If you don't have the access code, contact me.



Click on any image to view larger.


Thanks again everyone,




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