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Ice Cream Shoot

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With the exception of parents, some photographers don't like working with little kids. Even though I wouldn't want to shoot them exclusively, I really enjoy working with them, but you can't treat them the same way you would older models - it just doesn't work that way. Once a photographer realizes they can only hint at what they want, and be a spectator from there, it becomes much easier.
Here's a few pictures from a recent stock shoot about ice cream. Most of my stock ideas work out reasonably well, however, I'm not sure what I was thinking trying for an ice cream shoot - in Texas during the summer :)  Even though we shot in the morning, and the ice cream was kept in an ice chest, it quickly went from an ice cream shoot, to a soft serve shoot, then to a milk shake shoot :)


The models are Austin and Audrey. Thanks to them and their parents for coming out to this shoot.

I like images that tell a story. In this first one, even though we can't 'see' what Austin is looking at, we all know what happened :)

The five second rule applies outside too, right?

What do you do when you need more ice cream?

Ah, remember the days when simple things made you happy?

I knew when I was shooting this scene I wanted to silhouette the two, but it wasn't until I started processing it that I decided to take it to this extreme. Even though this has nothing to do with ice cream, it's one of my favorites.

Lots more from this shoot can be viewed in the private gallery


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