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Pictures from Kyle Lifeguard shoot

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Kyle lifeguards having fun between training sessions.No, the picture to the right isn't a new method of saving drowning victim's, it's just a couple of the lifeguards having some fun between training sessions :) 
Hello again folks, I finally got a chance to go through the lifeguard pictures, and thought I'd share a few.  These are from early last week when I rode out to the Kyle pool to take some pictures while the lifeguards had their training on how to handle safely getting people out of the water and starting CPR if needed.   Each scenario they went through was slightly different to give them a variety of situations to deal with.
Thanks again to Deidre for helping set this up, and to Erin for working with me at the shoot.  Below are a few pictures from the shoot. All the images from the shoot can be seen in a private gallery on my website. All the lifeguards and others involved should have received an email with the access code to the gallery. If you didn't get it, and think you should have, first, check your spam filter, then contact me.





Just for fun, here's a simple gif animation of all the lifeguards jumping into the pool together :)



Some of my AM&T and TM&T friends might recognize the patient in the second picture below as Blazien - he's grown a bit since I'd seen him last. Luckily, he's just pretending to be a patient in the picture :)


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